Studio Lim is a material driven design brand powered by innovation.

We turn materials through a journey of research and experimentation into one-of-a-kind lifestyle products for interiors and home. There you find our inheritance of authentic craft traditions fused with our skills of modern manufacturing.  We aim to deliver an experience where you discover a renewed idea of aesthetics enhanced by sustainable choices of materials, technology and craft.

We take care of your lifestyle in a way we pay attention to detail of your products and endeavour to achieve quality design. From home accessories to lifestyle products, we focus on exception associated with our lifelong commitment to the environment where we were born. Studio Lim is not only a design brand but also an inspiration of new aesthetics for a sustainable future.


Due to our roots as a designer, we consistently strive to use different experimental techniques to employ materials – whether innovative or reclaimed – with respect for our environment in mind.

Quality Design

In addition to our core value of selecting material with care, authenticity and aesthetic appeal are equally aligned with our design solutions in the highest standards in order to uplift our everyday lives.

Manufacturing and Craft

Not only are we passionate about the beauty of traditional craft but also fascinated by ingenious detail and precision that modern manufacturing can achieve. We are determinate using innovative production techniques to work closely with craft and manufacturing, as such both DNA gives form and identity to how our products look.

Studio Lim Designer Duo

Studio Lim Designer Duo

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